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Saturday, July 7, 2012

명동 대성당 Myeong-dong Cathedral

Myeong-dong Cathedral is the first brick Gothic style church in Korea. It is located in the heart of downtown of Seoul, Myeong-dong and has become a symbol of the presence of the Catholic Church in Korea.

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The floor plan of the church is a latin cross with an center and two side aisles with the roof of the church is 23 meters in height. Myeong-dong Cathedral has a 45 meters bell tower and the church's architecture retains the pure Gothic style without adomments. Designated historic spot No. 258, the Myeong-dong Church has significant historical value embedded in its architecture.

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Myeong-dong Cathedral also has three stained glass windows which are put on the right, left and at the center behind the altar, the originals are presumed to have been created in Benedictine Monasteries in France.
The stained glass windows contain the following :
Center behind the altar : The 15 Decades of the Rosary.
The left side : Nativity Scene and Adoration of the Magi.
The right side : Jesus and His twelve Disciples.

All of the bricks of the Cathedral were fired in the brickyard at Hangangttong. Twenty types of bricks in two colors, red and grey, were used in the construction makes beautiful effects. 

Myeong-dong Cathedral also has the crypt located beneath the main altar and the church which is used for worship and the preservation of the martyr's remains.

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The beautiful pipe organ is placed on the balcony and still using until know. I also followed the mass and heard the sound of pipe organ and it's so beautiful! The balcony also used as a place for choir. I believed the balcony of Myeong-dong Cathedral is a the best acoustic place inside the church.

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