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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

옥장 Okjang

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The earliest ornamental jade artifacts are comma-shaped jades and tubular jade excavasted from Puyo. One of the capitals of the ancient Baekje Kingdom and was affordable only for the upper class or the royal household.

The extant jad handicraft objects of The Joseon period are predominantly decorative objects. Beads for male headbands, women's diadems, rings, buttons, incense boxes, pillow ends, pendants, belt buckles and sword hilts.

People have regarded jade as a model of the five principles that virtuous men should follow.
Its warm, genial color stands for benevolence, its subtle glow for righteousness, its clear ring for wisdom, its hardness for bravery and its harmless sharpness for acuteness.

This art craft of making is one of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties no. 100 designated by the Republic of Korea Government.

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