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Saturday, August 4, 2012

[Korean Traditional Musical Instruments Part 3] Percussion Instruments


Jing is a large gong made from brass and is one of native Korean musical instrument. Although originally used for military music now it is usually use in music for royal processions, shaman ritual music or Buddhist music.

This musical instrument is similar with a gong. The instrument player holds this small size gong with his or her hand and hit the gong with a wooden stick. It is used in shaman ritual music, pungmul and samulnori.

소리북 Soribuk

It is also a drum and hit by a wooden stick. This instrument usually play in pansori.

장고 Janggo

This is one of my favorite instrument. An hourglass-shaped body usually made from porcelain, tile, metal, wood, gourd, or tinned sheet. With two heads made from animal skin. The two heads produce sounds of different pitch and timbre, which when played together are believed to represent the harmony of man and woman. To play this instrument, we need two kind of stick named gungchae and yeolchae.

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Photos credit : Maria Margareta

Video credit : 제20회 KBS 국악대경연.판굿 축하공연.avi uploaded by hyuny21

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