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Saturday, August 4, 2012

남사당 놀이 Namsadang Nori

남사당 놀이 Namsadang Nori is one of Korean folk performance, an entertainment handed down by touring male performers which includes mask dances, puppetry, dish spinning, percussion music, somersaults, acrobatic and tight rope walking. The team usually consists of 40 ~ 50 people from all ages.
Usually perform in the village or in the market in the past time, the percussion music members wear some attributes such as cap-ribbon spinning, small gong, large gong and barrel drum. 25 percussion members resembles of the farmers percussion band. Namsadang nori has designated as Korean Intangible Cultural Property No. 3.

Video credit :  코아트 KOART 국악감상 판굿 남사당놀이보존회 Uploaded by koartny80 on Youtube

The sequence of Namsadang nori is

풍물놀이 Pungmul nori
Pungmul Nori is the opening for Namsadang Nori. The percussion music performance combined with dance. Very dinamic movements and lively music.

버나놀이 Beaona nori
The second part of Namsadang nori is Beaona nori. Performers spin and toss the beona into the air by using a tobacco pipe or a long wooden stick. 

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살판 Salpan
A traditional Korean form of tumbling, includes 12 kinds of feats, forward and backward tumbling and "cripple's trotting". The performer also wisecrack and exchanging humorous banter to accompaniment of drumbeats. The word of 살판 salpan comes from the saying that "if you do well, you will be alive (salpan), and if you don't, you will be dead" (jookeulpan).

어름 Eoreum or 줄타기 Jultagi
A tightrope dancing and walking accompanied with Korean traditional music. More than 40 style techniques of Eoreum or Jultagi.

Video credit : 외줄타기 uploaded by uploaded by kokobo1004 on Youtube.

덧뵈기 Deotboegi
Is the mask dance that consist of four acts. The dances of the open-air prelude, the pockmarked mask, the aristocrat and the dark faced monk can tickle the audiences to laugh. The word 덧뵈기 Deotboegi means "See the mask on". 

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 Video credit : 코아트 KOART 국악감상남사당놀이 덧뵈기 중 샌님과정 남사당놀이보존회 Uploaded by koartny80 on Youtube.

덜미 Deolmi 
Deolmi is a puppet show which is the last part of Namsadang nori and there are 40 of puppets around 10 hand round for this performance.

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