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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cultural Experience Hunmin Jeongeum Traditional Printing at Incheon International Airport

Before departing to Jakarta after following Worldwide Korean Bloggers media trip for six days and five nights, I came to Korean Cultural Experience Center at Incheon International airport.
I made a traditional printing Hunminm jeongeum and I was so excited. 
Hunminm jeongeum is original name of Hangul. Literally meaning "The Correct Sounds in Order to Teach the People, it is invented by King Sejong The Great. Designated as National treasure No. 70, it was made by wood-block printing and com-prises 33 chapters. It was completed on the tenth day of September on the lunar calendar (October 9th on the gregorian calendar). and should be used by all people in 1446.
The original one is kept in Gansong Museum.

For those who interested with Korean Culture, why don't you come to this booth and trying manythings relates with Korean culture besides what I did, such as playing a Korean traditional music instrument and singing "아리랑" together or watching a traditional musical performance or experiencing another Korean cultural icons.  
Here I want to share of my photos of how excited I was! :)

Photos by Maria Margareta

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