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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Visit Korea 2.0 App

Korea Tourism Organization has launched the brand new version of visit Korea mobile application.
It is compatible for android and iphone.
So excited when I see this application, and I downloaded this application on my android phone. I think, this version is more informative than the previous version.

What I most expected from this mobile application is a subway map. Subway map is the most important thing that I must have in Korea. I'm looking forward for a subway map written in Hangul for Seoul and Incheon because I believe travellers will get more convenient when they also bring a map in Hangul version together with the alphabet version and it will be easier to ask to anybody by showing a map in Hangul version.

It is recommended for travellers because it's very simple and informative. Some of tourist spots and details are also captured in this application.

Photos are captured by Maria Margareta

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