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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Korean Film Festival, Jakarta Oct 3rd ~ 9th, 2012

Korean Fim Festival, one of the event as a part of Korea Indonesia Week 2012 event was held on this October in Jakarta, Indonesia. Eight top Korean movies were played on the movie theatre, with approximately four various movies from various genre (comedy, action, historical and animation) were played randomly every day from Oct 3rd ~ 9th 2012. This event is presented by Korean Cultural Center Indonesia.

The movies are : 
오싹한 연애 Spellbound
최종병기 활 War of The Arrows
오늘 A Reason to Live
마당을 나온 암탉 Leafie, A Hen Into The wild
Mr. 아이돌 Mr. Idol
페이스메이커 Pacemaker
파파 Papa
퀵 Quick

People were excited for this film festival, long queue dan fully seat were always captured during the festival. I can captured their smile, they had showed after watching the movie and most of them then made a queue for another movie session.
Curiously, I made some small interviews with some viewers, and most of them are female from age of mid 20's. They said that they've known about Korea since junior high school thorugh Korean drama or movie.

Winter Sonata, Boys Before Flowers and Full House are some of their first Korean drama they've watched. When I asked them, who is their favorite actors or actrees, they mentioned Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Won as their idol. One of Kim Jae Won fan showed me some of Kim Jae Won's photos saved on her mobile phone and told me about him with exciting expression. When she was asked if she had a change to meet Kim Jae Won and what will she do, she answered she will take som photos of him and asked for the signature. I hope her wish come true and she can meet Kim Jae Won someday ^^

Some of male viewers I had a conversation with, told that they are very exciting with the movies and also commented "Korean movie has a full of moral story, and also can entertaining their viewers as well.

Photos by Maria Margareta

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  1. I wish I can also attend a korean film festival. I enjoyed watching korean movies. You're lucky though.