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Sunday, October 21, 2012

WKB Media Tour September 2012, Cultural Experience : Pansori, Jeonju, South Korea

Pansori is a one-man operatic genre. Combining word of pan (space or stage) and sori (sound or song).
A singer traditionally called gwangdae, delivers an epic story through sori (song), aniri (narration) abd ballim (gesture).
A drummer called gosu and playing the buk (barrel-shaped drum) as a acompaniying the singer.
The drummer plays various jangdan (rhythmic cycles) and also gives out calls of encouragement or chuimsae at appropriate moments, sometimes audiences involve in chuimsae which creates a lively and interactive performance.

Pansori also has the up and down phase, while the 19th century  was the golden age for Pansori. The audiences mostly yangban and middle class at that time.

The beauty of Pansori was expected through a harmonious combination of narration, voice, rhythm tone and neoreumsae (gestures) all together.
Originally pansori were performed only by males, towards the mid of 19th century, there also female could performed Pansori. The first female Pansori singer is Jin Chae Seon, she was from Jeollabuk do.

Pansori structure's including speaking, singing in between. A vocal intertext of music and words, spoken and song accompanied with drum.
Customarily it begins with a warm-up act in the form of danga 'short song' in Jungmori rhythm.
Then when the singer enters the main narative, he also introduces time, place and dramatic context, this part called aniri.
Stylistic speech and illustrates of emotional in Sori (singing) when the mind is moved to pleasure, the sound is slow and gentle; when the mind is moved to sorrow, the sound is slow and sharp and fading away, and when the mind is moved to anger, the sound is coarse and fierce; when the mind is moved to reverenge, the sound is straight forward; and when the mind is moved to joy, the sound is exclamatory and soon disapears.
It can be said, singing is the language of the heart that conveys feeling.

Through WKB tour, I had a change to watch a pansori live in Jeonju Hanok Village as my first experience, I was so excited and the pansori was so amazing. It is more beautiful to watch on live than on youtube. I can feel the vibre from the singer and sound of the drum, the melody and rhytmn also hypnotized me. It was so amazing experience I had on this tour.

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Pansori, introduction : (Korean Musicology Series 2) Pansori, The National Center of Korean Traditional Performing Arts.

WKB (Worldwide Korea Blogger) Media Tour, September 20th 2012, Jeonju, South Korea

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