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Sunday, October 21, 2012

WKB Media Tour, September 2012 : Miso Musical Performance

Miso, Korean Musical Performance Represents All Aspects Of Korean Culture.

For those who are interesting to Korean culture especially the traditional culture, I recommend to watch this performance. Please give some time to watch this, while you travelling to Korea, because it is worth to watch.
Miso translated as a "smile", put almost all the aspects of Korean culture in their performance.
The music are playing with Korean traditional instruments, mixed with modern music instruments that gives you, the fusion aura for the music. Sounds very dinamic and lively. The artists also gave a total performance, they also put some audiences to get involved in the story.

A musical perfomance, presented the Romeo and Juliet happy ending story from Korea. Chunhyang and Mongryong. All I can say this performance was amazing, even I regret because of some noises that caused by another annoying audiences and children. If I can give some suggestions, I hope the management will consider about the minimum age that can be allowed to watch this performance, such as adding another musical performance show which is more suitable for children audiences and I hope they will provide the songs cd, because I really crazy for all of the music from start to end.

I will let you courious by not writting about this in details. Please come to Korea and see this great musical performance by yourself.
Besides the musical performance, I also courious about who Chunhyang and Mongryong exactly are, and I have found the complete story from the literature Pansori, Korean Musicology series. Here I want to share this happy ending love story below.

The story of Chunhyang. During the early reign of King Sukjong, the Great (1674 - 1720) in the township of Namweon, Jeolla province, there stayed a young gentleman by the name of Yi Mongryong, handsome, intelligent and outstanding son of the new magistrate from Seoul. One fine spring day, tired of books, Mongryong takes a tour of the town with the servant Bangja as a guide. AtGwanghallu pavilion, he sees in the distance, the beautiful Chunhyang, daughter of the retired gisaeng Weolmae, on the swing. That evening, Mongryong visits Chunhyang's mother Weolmae, and persuades her to let him have Chunhyang. The two exchanges nuptial vows. Meanwhile, Mongryong's father the magistrate is promoted back to Seoul, and Mongryong has to accompany his parents. In a Confucian society, it was unthinkable for a son of nobleman to take a concubine prior to passing the state examination and being properly wedded to a girl from a noble family. Pledging to meet again, sadly they parted. An official by the name of Byeon Hakdo, having heard of the beautiful Chunhyang, petitions to be stationed in the township of Namweon as the new magistrate.

 Immediately following his inauguration, Byeon relentlessy harrasses Chunhyang to serve him. She refuses, saying she was already wedded, and Byeon orders her torture and imprisonment. Her beheading is scheduled as the highlight of examination and won the first-place honor. He was awarded with royal insignia, to serve the state as inspector incognito. He leads his secret police forces to Namweon, righting wrongs along the way. On the eve of Chunyang's execution, Mongryong turns up at her gate. Weolmae, who had been praying fervently for his return as her daugther's savior, despaired at his beggared state. His return as an official higher ranked than the magistrate would have been the only recourse. At the prison cell that night, the lovers meet. At the height of the banquet the next day, the thunderous announcements for the arrival of the secret royal inspector are heard from every direction. Havoc breaks loose as the magistrate and all the guests rush around looking for places to hide. Justice is delivered at last, as the royal inspector orders punishment for the corrupt ones and freedom for the innocent. Chunhyang is brought before the royal inspector. He asks her if she would serve him. Deploring the inspector as worse than the magistrate. she demands her death without delay. The lady-in-waiting takes from him to her the jade ring she had given him at parting. Moments of recognition and celebration, and the story ends happily.

Website :

Address :
Chongdong Theater, 43 Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
5 minutes distance along the Duksoogung palace stone wall from City Hall subway station. (Lie 1 Exit 1 or Line 2 exit 2)

Literature :
Pansori, Korean Musicology Series. 

WKB (Worldwide Korea Blogger) Media Tour, September 19th 2012, Seoul, South Korea

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