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Sunday, October 21, 2012

WKB Media Tour, September 2012 : Rice Tteok Museum, Seoul

On this WKB tour, I had a change to visit Rice Tteok Museum in Seoul, South Korea.
This place is quite interesting and important to know, because tteok is one of important part in Korean life.
It can be said that tteok is a celebratory food. 
In this museum, I can get some information related with tteok, here is also displayed about various of tteok for any important celebration day in Korea,

The main ingredient of tteok (traditional rice cake) is glutinous rice flour which is cooked through various methods such as 찌는 떡 steaming, 삶는 떡 boiled, 치는 떡 pounded, shaped or 지지는 떡 pan frying. 

 찌는 떡 steaming tteok variant are 백설기 Baekseolgi, 콩떡 Kongtteok, 증편 Jeungpyeon, 무지개떡 Mujigae tteok. 치는 떡 pounded variant is 가래떡 Garaetteok, shaped tteok variants are 꿀떡 Ggul tteok, 송편 Songpyeon, 고치떡 Gochitteok, 쌈떡 Ssamtteok, 닭알떡 Dalgal tteok, Gyeongdan, 부편 Bupyeon and 지지는 떡 pan frying tteok variants are 부꾸미 Bukkumi, 주악 Juak, and 화전 Hwajeon.

Tteok also can be made as a dish such as 떡국 tteokguk usually eat at the lunar new year, and 떡볶이 tteokbokki a popular Korean snack.

Traditional rice cakes have been enjoyed as a dessert or for special occations since the agricultural era. Layered rice cake, sweet rice cake, half-moon rice cake, sweet rice balls,
sweet rice with nuts and jujubes, pan-fried sweet rice cake ccoated with flower petals are usually served as desserts while white cake (cylindricae rice pasta) are served as a main dish.

Rice cake vary widely according to the preparation method, kind of flour and ingredients.
The flour can be made from :
rice, sweet rice, millet or potatoes.

Classified by the kind of ingredients mixed in, there are mugwort rice cake and sweet rice cake with beans. In addition, rice cake can be differentiated by their powder coating, there are red bean rice cake, barnyard red bean rice cake ad mung bean rice cake.

According to the cooking method :
Sweet rice cake, patterned rice cake, halfmoon puffed rice cake and sweet rice balls, including sweet rice balls with mugwort and sweet rice balls with red beans.

This museum are devided into two sections. The first part displays variation of tteok devided by the occations. Such as tteok for Seollal, Samjit Day, Yudu Day, Chuseok and other seasonal tteok.
The second part displays the variance of tteok based on the traditional rituals, such as tteok for wedding, birthday, and another rituals.

I also had a change to try some sweet tteok here in Jilsiru Tteok Cafe which has nice interior and decoration. We can eat some various type and shape of tteok while seeing the outside view from the inside of the cafe, it feels hommy and comfortable. Besides tteok this cafe is also offering various of cookies and teas, special tteok packaged as a gift sets for some occation are also available here. I really enjoy it and so excited here. Especially it is the most delicious tteok I have ever tried in my life.

Directions :
Seoul-si Jongno-gu Donhwamun-ro 71
Jongno 3-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 3, 5), Exit 6.

Literatures :
Korean Food Guide in English, The Korea Foundation.
Online resources.

WKB (Worldwide Korea Blogger) Media Tour, September 19th 2012, Seoul, South Korea

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