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Sunday, October 21, 2012

WKB Media Tour, September 2012 : The Philosophy, culture and spirit of Korean Cuisine (Jeonju Bibimbap)

Korean cuisine has deep rooted in a certain philosophy. The best seasoning is 'tender loving care', which comes from mixing spices by hand. The finger tip taste when someone makes food with their own hands, a special taste is added.

Mixing and sharing the philosophy.
There is a harmonious and symphony relation between preparation, cooking and eating. Some of Korean dishes that should mixed together between ingredients and seasonings such as kimchi, bulgogi, japchae and bibimbap. The secret to good cooking lies in this succesful balance of flavors.

Sharing food as the expression of love and togetherness. Everything is shared from banchan (Korean side dishes) to the main dishes except a rice.
When Koreans want to get to know someone, the first thing they would say is "Let's have lunch or dinner".

Harmonious and balancing
The harmonious things in Korean cuisine also can be found when liquid food meets solid food. It is one of fundemental harmony of yin and yang. Korean food ingredient are also have a colorful items. The colors represents of five directions on earth, east, south, west, north and center are red, white, yellow, green and black. I have already written about this color philosophy on the previous post.

While all of the color of ingredients that represents of all of the directions are mixed together in one bowl, there will be a harmonious, balance and also gives a good benefit for the body.

Jeonju Bibimbap on WKB tour
During WKB media tour organized by KOCIS on September 2012, I had a great change to feel those of philosophy of Korean food I have mentioned above. Together with my other WKB fellow, we went to Jeonju located in the southwest of Korean peninsula and perceived as a capital food of Korea, which is very famous of their bibimbap. The first reference to bibimbap appears in the Siui jeonseo, a cookbook written in the Korean vernacular which is published in the late 1800s. Bibimbap from Jeonju is selected as the best bibimbap in Korea. Besides of it's great taste, bibimbap also good for healthy, contains with various things of vegetable, it is good to prevent from some deceases such as to control cholesterol, control the high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation and many deceases. That's why bibimbap has recommended as a healthy food.

Besides trying Jeonju bibimbap itself, I also tried many tempting side dishes, pajeon, kimchi, and also gamja jorim the last I mentioned is one of my favorite banchan.

Photo by Ema Ho

I can say, all of the dishes are prepared with love. A beautiful structure of bibimbap and also the great taste of banchan mixed all together into a harmony.
I had a great experience and feeling of sharing and togetherness by eating and sharing a lot of banchan together with my WKB friends also had felt a harmonius and balancing life by mixing a beautiful and colorful bibimbap all together and eat all of them. This is my amazing experience I have ever had ^^

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WKB (Worldwide Korea Blogger) Media Tour, September 20th 2012, Jeonju, South Korea

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