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Sunday, November 11, 2012


A little note from my WKB tour last September 2012 organized by KOCIS,  

When I arrived at Incheon, Grace from Korea Herald media picked me at the airport. We went together to the hotel located in Itaewon then I made an appoinment with her in the afternoon to acompany me for looking some books I wanted to buy at Kyobo Book Store (one of the largest book store in Seoul). Then we went together to Kyobo with empty stomach because we hadn't a lunch yet at that time, so Grace offered me to had some (late) lunch first before looking for the books. She took me to the food court located at the same place with Kyobo Book Store and she told me to choose the meal and here we go! I saw this meal for the first time in Seoul. Unique shape because I haven't seen this meal before. The name is 유부초밥 Yubuchobab or we can say a tofu pocket filling with mixed rice and vegies. I also got a kimchi and my fave dish 단무지 (a yellow radish) as a side dishes , also some sauce but I forget the name. This is the first time I've tasted Yubuchobab and I love it! I wish I can try Yubuchobab again on my next trip to Seoul someday ^^ Grace and I had a great time and shared some stories together and I got my books I want. Thank you Grace ^^

Photo on behalf of Maria Margareta

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