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Friday, November 16, 2012

하용부 a Master of Korean Traditional Drum Dance

Ha Yong-bu, a holder of Intangible Cultural Heritage no. 68 Milyang Bakjung Nori Drum Dance all more refined by the third generation.
He has come from a family of "Mogabi" the head of a group of jesters and entertainers that has been
handed down from his grandfather's generation. Naturally every spot and site where Ha Yong-bu's grandfather has set up his show would do as a playground for young Ha Yong-bu. The gift was handed down to Ha's father, but it was Ha who has managed to survive as a master who revives the legendary movement grandfather, for it was frowned upon to have both father and son dancing on the same stage.
Ha shows his exquisite command of breathing techniques in drum dance, which drew the director Ariane Mnouchkine from Théâtre du Soleil to invite him to france as a guest lecturer and choreographer.

Photo credit : Korean Cultural Center Indonesia

I feel lucky to meet and see his performance at Korean Culture Performance Event which was held regarding of Korea Indonesia Week last October 2012 Jakarta. Dancing together with his drums, it was not just a common drum dance. But more than that, where heart and soul are also involving into the dance. Sometimes he put some funny expression so that made his audience laughed during the performance, mixed with slow and dinamic rythmn and movement.He performance was great!
Ha Yong Bu is also the artistic director of Dulsori, a Korean traditional arts organization which established in year 1984. It has a vision to produce and develop artistic performance and educational and cultural experience programmes, derived from Korean traditional music and arts.

By Maria Margareta

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