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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The 8th Japilmukyeon Exhibition

I have put my attention to Korean calligraphy since a year ago while I found a lot of modern Korean graphic designs which is put some a water paint or ink brush for the ornaments, I just wondering where is the idea come from ? because there is an aspects of traditional Korean culture in every part of Korean modern things. and I know it. It could be based on the calligraphy, so from then Korean calligraphy looks interesting for me. Although I have not learn Korean calligraphy yet, but someday if I have a change to do, I will learn it.

This exhibition was held in Korean Cultural Center Indonesia last month Oct 24~28, 2012, with theme "If you go from time to time, you will get there eventually", this event also held to celebrate the establishment of corporation of Korea Calligraphy Association in Indonesia.

Here is some photos of the beautiful Korean calligraphy, I captured on this exhibition.

Photos on behalf of Maria Margareta

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