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Friday, November 16, 2012

WKB Media Tour September 2012 : From Nambu, Seoul to Jeonju

My first experience going to Jeonju, the capital city of North Jeolla Province by bus, also this is my first experience using a public bus in South Korea. My impression about Nambu Bus Terminal (Website : is quitely small but clean and convenience. Bus are parking at the parking lot area, that scene makes me remember of some Korean drama or reality show I have seen, that some scenes were taken at the bus station. Now I see it with my own eyes :)
There is some lockets selling the tickets for various destination, and also some stores inside the bus terminal are selling snacks, drinks or candies.
Ok ... it's time to go to Jeonju... and I got a seat beside my friend from Mexico, Gisela Verdin. We had to fasten out seat belt before departure, on the two seated bus on each side. On this trip, I had not found any music played in the bus, we just put on our personal headset, getting busy with the mobile phone or taking some pictures.
This is also my first experience to feel the highway in Korea. The road is so smooth, good  construction, and clean. I also saw some farmland near the highway or just a hill. Sometimes I found a glass house at the middle of the farm and a gas station during a way to Jeonju. Here are some photos I captured on my trip to Jeonju.


By Maria Margareta

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