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Friday, November 16, 2012

WKB Media Tour September 2012 : Insadong Street Food

Insadong is one of place I've often visited during my trip in Korea. I never get bored to come here again and again. In WKB Media Tour held few months ago, a spot that put my attention is about many food street vendor are selling various kinds of Korean snacks and I bet you should try all of them when you come to Insadong.

꿀타래 Ggultarae (Traditional String Candy) 

This snack is quietly popular around Insadong area. You can find a lot of stalls are selling this sweet taste candy (or I can say this is not a candy but snack) easily, and you can also find nice and funny ggultarae sellers that will demonstrate how to make this snack. It is made from honey malt that strech by hand in few times until seperated like in some thin strings or soft yarns. 꿀타래 then can be filled with various kinds of filling such as peanuts and another.

호떡 Hotteok (Sugar Filled Pancake)
a Fried pan cake with round flat shape, filled with minched peanuts and brown sugar, it is popular on winter.

군밤 Gunbam (Roasted chestnut)
It is also one of popular winter snack in Korea. roasted peanut which has a sweet taste.

붕어빵 Bungeobbang (Gold fish bread)
Looks similiar like a wafel filled with red bean paste on gold fish shape. Bungeobbang also one of favorite snack for winter. Bungeobbang also available as an ice cream.

Directions can be seen on the followong map :


Video credits :

Hilarious Koreans Making Korean Candy (꿀타래) by elainethecooltrain

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