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Sunday, January 20, 2013

3 Words Which Are Represents The Impression about Korea From Indonesian People

Hello everyone!^^

This is the second mini research I have made for Indonesian respondents regarding of
their first impression about Korea. I asked them to write down in three words, "What is your
first impression about Korea ?"

Most of them wrote that Korea is "Amazing", "Awesome" or "Cool"
The second word is "Beautiful", and the third word that most written is "Culture, Tradition and Art"

"Hallyu", "Modern and Hi Tech" and also "Creative" are followed on the next word.
They also mentioned "Romantic" for Korea. The most interesting part I have found is only two respondents said "Gangnam Style" as their first impresion.

and here is the results :

Korea is ... (in three words)

Total :

102  Amazing, Awesome, Cool
86    Beautiful, Wonderful
53    Culture, Tradition and Art

55    Hallyu and Entertainment, fashion
48    Modern and Hi Tech
36    Creative, inovative, influencing, inspiring
20    Romantic
18    Dreaming Country
16    Unique
16    Hardworking, discipline and organized
15    Love
14    Dynamic, energetic
14    Attractive
9     Must visit country / for travelling destination
8     Friendly
7     Clean
6     Heavenly country
6     Eco Friendly and nature
5     Historical value
5     Colorful
4     Famous
4     Polite people
3     Role model and trend setter
2     Perfectionist
2     Gangnam style
30    Others

 By Maria Margareta

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