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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Reason of Why People Are Interested To Learn Korean Language

Long time I'm not writing to my blog, due to my busy working schedule within lately three months.
Curiously about why Indonesian people are crazy about Korea and eager to learn Korean language, I made some simple quiz and made a simple research of the motivation of Indonesian people, especially young people here to learn Korean language.
I have got 204 respondents from all ages and I'm sure most of them are young people between age of 13 - 35 and here is the result.

Total of Participants

29 Korean language has unique shape, intonation and expression 14%
24 To meet and have some conversation with the idols (Hallyu stars). 12%
23 To propose of continuing study, working and living in Korea 11%
19 To understand and make some conversations with Koreans 9%
17 Just for the knowledge

15 To understand Korean drama plot without a subtitle
13 Because of interesting about Korean culture and way of life
12 To understand the meaning of Korean song lyrics, novels written in Korean 6%
6 Feeling different and cool while using a different and unique language  3%
6 For travelling

5 Interesting to have a Korean boyfriend or girlfriend
5 Curiousity

5 Working in Korean institutions or company in the future
4 Kpop

4 Korean language is easy to learn

17 Others


Total : 204 participants.

I'm quite surprised and never expected before, that the unique shape and pronounciation of Korean alphabet itself is the first reason of  people here to learn Korean language.
I tought, it's because of the Hallyu (Korean Wave). But it isn't like that. It is placed on the second
reason of why they like to learn Korean language. They are dreamed to meet their idols!
no only meet but they hope and dreaming that they can make some conversation with their idols.
I don't know why those fans of Hallyu stars feeling closely with their idols even they have never met before or known each other. It's amazing for me as an observer.
The third reason why Indonesian people are interested to learn Korean language is to be able
speaking and understanding Korean language very well so that they can propose to continue study or working in Korea. I think this is influenced by Kdrama which is captured many aspects of Korean daily life.

These fatcs are quite interesting :)

by Maria Margareta

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