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Saturday, March 2, 2013


자장면or Jajangmyeon is one of Korean dish that usually appears in Korean drama. It is a kind of noodle with blacksoybean sauce and quitely famous as a celebration food on the Black Day (April 14th).

Jajangmyeon consists of :

Yuni (유니) – this sauce consists of finely minced meat and finely diced vegetables without starch. Almost always freshly prepared and not offered at all places.

Gan (간) – doesn’t have starch, which means the sauce will be thick like gravy. Unlike the regular jajang sauce which sits in a big pot heating away, this one is usually freshly stir fried in the wok to order.

Samseon (삼선) – has seafood like squid, shrimp, scallop, sea cucumber or any combination of in the sauce.

Jaengban (쟁반) – means the jajang comes premixed on a platter (jaengban means a platter) and the sauce usually consists of starch.

Gochu (고추) – has chili peppers in the sauce so it’s a bit spicy.

China Town is the home of Jajangmyeon, many people's all-time favorite. Noodles mixed with stir-fried soy sauce paste was first introduced as a low-price and easy-to-make dish for the commoners. There are various kinds of Jajangmyeon in Incheon's China Town. "Yetnal Jajangmyeon" is an original taste and all time favorite. Also popular are stir-fried "Gan Jajang", Sacheon Jajang with red pepper oil, and "Jaengban Jajang" that comes in a big plate for more than two people. If you enjoy sea food in your noodles try "Samseon Jajang", and "Yuseul Jajang", for more vegetables. Even today, this "Little China" is always packed with visitors coming to try the original Jajangmyeon. Most Koreans consider it a Chinese dish, but actually this menu item doesn't even exist in China.

Source : Various online sources.

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