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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Korean Spoon and Chopsticks

Spoon and chopsticks are used in harmony with each other at mealtimes in Korea. This is a special aspect of our culture that is not often found in other countries. Although most of Korea's East Asian neighbors use wodden chopsticks, in Korea metal spoons and chopsticks of brass or silver are used, many of them are ornately decorated at the grip.

According to Korean etiquette, rice and soup are eaten with a spoon, while side dishes are eaten with chopsticks. When eating, it is considered impolite to pick up bowls containing food by hand or to lean over the table. Rather food should be politely picked up and brought to your mouth with chopsticks. Elders should pick up the food first then followed by others.

Video credit : Arirang News on Youtube.

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  1. When I was to Korea I was surprised that they used iron ckopstick and spoon, instead of the wooden one. I remember a young girl that was really amazed of my poor skills in using chopsticks so her mother showed me how to use them correctly. Now, I am a bit relieved to know that also for Korean people it is not so easy.