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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Namdaemun Rock

The name of the rock comes from the look of its shape, similar to the Great South Gate in Seoul called namdaemun gate.
Pine trees on the verge of the rock resemblance various animals such as tigers, roebucks or rabbits. It is located in Seungbong-do Island

Address : 272 San Oe-ri Yeongheung-myeon Ongjin-gun Incheon

Directions :
By car : Kyeongin highway → Incheon port international ferry terminal
By bus : East Incheon station → ferry terminal (#12, 24)
By ferry : Incheon ferry terminal (2-3times a day, takes 1 hour 20 minutes) →Seungbongdo * ship chartering : Seungbongdo → Budo (takes 40 minutes)

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