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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Palmido Lighthouse (Incheon)

Located in Palmido Island, this white lighthouse was built in June 1903 and stands in Pami Island 15,7 km south of Incheon port. It awas the first modern lighthouse There are ferries to the island, which offers scenic views of beautiful sunsets, Incheon bridge
and islands in the West Sea from the observatory. This lighthouse is tangible cultural property of Incheon Metropolitan City No. 40

Address :
San 373 Mooui dong Jung-gu Incheon

Directions :

By car : Kyeongin highway → Incheon port international ferry terminal
By bus : East Incheon station → ferry terminal (#12, 24)
By ferry : ferry terminal → Moouido (2-3 times a day, takes 20 minutes) * ship chartering : Moouido → Palmido (takes 20 minutes)

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