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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Roses Day

Today is a Rose Day. Celebrated every May of 14th, today is a change for couple to exchange or give roses each other.

Let us know about how many roses that we give to our special one has a lot of meaning. So check this out.

1 of red roses means I like you for a long time.
20 of red roses means I love you.
44 of roses and it's giving on a rainy day means I love you SO MUCH
1 of pink rose means you are so attractive.
199 of red rose means my heart is burned love, save me! (it looks like the 911 or in Korea 199 calling).
1 of white rose means I feel very happy today, because I meet you.
100 of white roses means peace (usually give after fighting with your partner. White is the simbol of peace)
1 of white rose and 4 of pink rose means I love you forever.
1 of white rose, 1 of the pink rose, and one of the red rose means I love you, I love you and I love you.
44 of red roses means I love you until death do us part.
33 of pink roses means I can see you alhtough my eyes are closed.
55 of red roses means reunited with an ex.
79 of white roses means let's just be a friend (7 in Korean 칠 (chil) and 9 in Korean 구 (gu)) Chingu.
1 of red rose and a lot of baby breath flowers means I can not let you go, now.
1 - 100 of roses send once every day until the 100th day means Kiss me.
24 of yellow roses means I don't want to see you. Please go away!
52 of pink roses means Today, I will make the unforgetable day for you.

3 of roses means I love you
21 of roses means we are united. Two become one.
30 of roses means someone who is giving the flowers want to say his or her feelings to the receiver.
35 of roses means One sided love, but I will always love you eventhough you don't love me (OH MY... T.T)
36 of roses means I hate you.
44 of roses means I love you until I die.
54 of roses means I will love you forever.
59 of roses means come home, quickly!
77 of roses means lucky love.
99 of roses means a lot of love story.
100 of roses will be given as the gift of the 100th day anniversary.

Special thank you to our Buwonjangnim ^^

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