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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Food Court in Korea

When I travelled in Korea two years ago, I confused how to order some menu at the food court. The system is quite different. In Korean food court, water is free and we must selfserving, even I must put back my empty bowls and plates to the designated spot. Which are not available in my country.
Went around at Seoul Station, I went to Lotte not far from that, just by walking. Then I found the food court and walked in there. After that, I refused my self to order, why ? because I was confused. I asked my self, "how to order the meal?", "Is the water free?" with my limited Korean vocabulary, I took a decision not to eat at the food court and went to the Italian restaurant which are still near from the Seoul Station.
on the other day, when I go back to Korea, accompanied by a friend, I went to Kyobo Book Store and again ... My friend asked me to have a lunch at the food court in that book store. I agreed and I watched how she order our meals. I thought is not as difficult as I thought. So here some steps how to order the meals at the food court in Korea.

First, you will find the same view while you enter a food court. Like any other food court, there are some food stalls sell various kinds of food, you may choose, you can screen and look around first, take the menu and order what you like.

Second, after choosing your meal, you may order your meal and pay it. After that you will get a receipt with a number. After that you can choose where do you want to seat and just wait until your number comes up on the electronic display. This is also made me confused but also interesting. I have never find this (electronic sign display) in my country lol. Well anyway ...

Third, after you number comes up, pick up your order by going to the pick-up window, don't forget to bring your receipt number and show it to the staff. After that, you can bring the meal and go back to your seat then enjoy the meal. Cup and water are available for free. Some Korean food always served by side dishes at least three kinds of side dishes, but if you order the western food, you will not get the Korean side dishes.

Fourth, after finishing you meal, please do not leave the table with the messy stuffs. Bring your empty stuffs and put them into the designated spots for used plates etc.

Five, enjoy your travelling in Korea! :)

by Maria Margareta

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