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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Korean Film Festival 2013 Movie Review

Various Korean movies from any genres were screened on Korean Film Festival 2013 held this week in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia.
I watched 3 movies with various genres such as romantic comedy, action, and thriler. Here are some movies I have watched and my review :


I rarely watch thriller movie genre and honestly this is the first thriller Korean movie I have seen in the cinema. Co-incidently I just watched this movie because I wanted to know how Korean thriller movie is. Such as any other Korean movie, the story comes from the daily life. While a student is being a suspect of a murder case. Of what I have seen, sometimes it is reflected of what happen at the school life, studying very hard to achieve the highest score, over expected from the parents, the gap of social life between rich and poor people, friendship and abusing. The ending of this film is confusing but I think it's still quite reasonable.
Watching this movie made me never stop thinking from the beginning to end.


Funny romantic comedy movie. I think I'm not gonna make any review about this movie, if you like any kind of this genre. Highly recommended to watch.


Another thriller movie, this is very highly recommended to be watched. It combines actions and drama has full of moral story. About family, the obsession, and as reflextion of daily life. In the beginning, I thought the story is not reasonable. But I changed my mind. I can guarantee you will never get bored while seeing this movie.

Review by Maria Margareta

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