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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Korean Film Festival 2013

Starting from June 25 until June 30, 2013. People in Jakarta and Bandung Indonesia will be spoiled by ten top boxoffice Korean movies, screening in Korean Film Festival 2013.
This year also will be a special year because there is another city besides Jakarta that will be as the host for this great event of the year, not all of that it is also a part of some events held to comemorate The 40th year Korea - Indonesia Diplomatic Relationship. Has been held since year 2009, Korean Film Festival is one of most favorite event besides another events held by the Korean Government in Indonesia.
This event is proposed to introduce all aspects of Korea through high nomination and high quality movies to the public, not only for Korean people in overseas but for especially for Indonesian citizens, who put more attention to Korea right know as the impact of Hallyu through K Drama and K-Pop.

Korean Film Festival 2013 will be held on June 26 ~ 30, 2013 in two major cities in Indonesia; Jakarta and Bandung (West Java) "Boomerang Family" will be as the opening film for this festival and will be screened on June 25th, 2013 in Jakarta. The director and the actor of "Boomerang Family" will come at the opening day.

Director of Korean Cultural Center Indonesia, Mr. Kim Seok Gi , explains the highlights of Korean Film Festival 2013 at The Korean Film Festival Press Conference, June 13th 2013 in Jakarta.

Unlike the previous years which drama and comedy genres dominated in Korean Film Festival, this year will be different, because the genres are various such as comedy, drama, action and thriller.
Here are the list of movies of various genres which will be screened on Korean Film Festival 2013 in Indonesia.

Opening Film :

Opening Film : Boomerang Family (고령화가족)
Year : 2013
Director : Song Hae-Sung
Casts: Park Hae-Il, Yoon Je-Moon, Kong Hyo-Jin, Ye Ji-Won, Jin Ji-Hee
Genre : Drama
In-Mo (Park Hae-Il) is going through a crisis. His wife has left him for another guy. 
His first movie as a director flopped badly at the box-office. He's now living in a dilapidated apartment and unable to pay his rent. Just at his darkest hour, his mother's love comforts him and he is considering to move back home and stay with her. His unemployed brother Han-Mo (Yoon Je-Moon) who has been to prison several times and recently living with his mother is not happy with his decision. 
The next day, In-Mo walks into the living room to find a young teenage girl (Jin Ji-Hee) watching TV. 
He quickly figures out that the girl is his niece and his younger sister (Kong Hyo-Jin) is also planning to move back home. In-Mo and Han-Mo are both against the idea of their younger sister moving back home, but she's about to divorce for the second time and she doesn't have a place to stay. 
All three siblings have issues, while their mother has her own secrets. Can they ever live happily as a family?

Title : Deranged (연가시)
Year : 2012
Director : Park Joung-Woo
Casts : Kim Myung-Min, Mun Jung-Hee, Kim Dong-Wan
Genre : Drama / Thriller
Awards : 
2012 (33rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Supporting Actress
2013 (49th) PaekSang Arts Awards - Most Popular Actor

Title : How to Use Guys with Secret Tips (남자사용 설명서)
Year : 2012
Director : Lee Won-Suk
Casts : Lee Si-Young, Oh Jung-Se, Park Young-Keu
Genre : Drama Comedy
Bona, a not so attractive female second assistant director, accidentally buys a set of video lecture of Dr. Swarlovki on "how to to turn guys into good usage" from a mysterious old man. 
After watching the lecture she tries it to guys around her and it works like magic! 
Arrogant top star Seung-jae is madly in love with Bona and she's being highly recognized at her work. 
However, she realizes that Dr. Swarlovski's lecture is about how to use guys, not how to make them love her. So now Bona has to figure out how to make Seung-jae really love her.

Title : Masquerade (광해)
Year : 2012
Director : Choo Chang-Min
Casts : Lee Byung-Hun, Han Hyo-Joo, Ryoo Seung-Ryong
Genre : Historical Drama
When the King Gwanghae (Lee Byung-Huni) Collapsed for being poisoned, his counselor Heo Gyun (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) found a clown comedian Ha-Sun to be the King's impostor. Ha-Sun strongly resembles King Gwanghae and is even able to imitate the way King Gwanghae speaks, but slowly, Ha-Sun's own personality comes out and the people in the King's inner court notice the changes. The King appears more humane to those around him and far less volatile. While Ha-Sun's true voice comes out, enemies within the King's inner circle plan their next move.
Awards :
2013 (49th) PaekSang Arts Awards - Best Film, Best Director
2012 (33rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Art Design
2012 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards - Best Technical Achievement
2012 (49th) Daejong Film Awards - Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Costume Design, Best Art Design, Best Music, Best Sound Effects, Best Lighting, Best Editing, Best Production, Popularity Award.

Title : Pluto (명왕성)
Year : 2012
Director: Song Hae-Sung 
 Casts: Park Hae-Il, Yoon Je-Moon, Kong Hyo-Jin, Ye Ji-Won, Jin Ji-Hee
Genre : Thriller
Synopsis :
June is a high school senior, transferred from a general high school to a prestigious high school, where most of the students are prepared to go extreme to get into university. One day he finds out that some of high ranking students are sharing secret notebooks which contain important information. He begs to be in the circle. In order to get what he wants from the circle, June needs to sacrifice something. Aside from his effort, Yujin Taylor, a Korean / American student was found dead in a wood near the school. All trails lead to June as he becomes more mysterious to others.

Title : Runway Cop (차형사) 
Year : 2012
Director: Shin Terra
Casts: Kang Ji-Hwan, Sung Yu-Ri
Genre : Comedy
Cha Chul-soo is an overzealous detective who will do anything possible to catch his suspect. He doesn't want to waste a single precious moment even to shower and regularly dresses in ragged clothes. But he's just been assigned to a case of a lifetime: transforming into an undercover runway model in 60 days. Assigned to the monumental backstage crime case simply because of his height, among the challenges Chul-soo faces is working with high school alumni Ko Young-jae, who happens to be the designer. Afraid that might ruin her show; she assigned him an impossible task to lose 20 kilograms in 2 weeks. He accepts the challenge but becoming a runway model means more than just losing weight. With so much to learn in such a short period of time, Chul-soo's case turns into the biggest Makeover Project of all time!

Runway Cop has been screened at Korean Film Screening program at Korean Cultural Center Indonesia ^^

Title : A Wonderful Moment (마이리틀히어로)
Year : 2013
Director: Kim Sung-Hoon, 
Casts: Jo An , Kim Rae-Won
Genre : Drama
Yoo Il-Han (Kim Rae-Won) is an arrogant and self-centered musical director whose career dropped after the box-office failure of a big budget musical. He now works on children's musicals. To pursue his dream of working in Broadway musical in New York, he participated in a TV musical competition program where he has to blindly pick one child actor to mentor and compete with other 5 directors. There he meets a multicultural child, Young-Kwan (Ji Dae-Han), who partners with him and experiences his first intentions and inspiration. There is something special in Young-Kwan that changes his life.

Title : The Thieves (도둑들)
Year : 2012
Director: Choi Dong-Hoon Choi 
Casts: Kim Yun-seok, Lee Jung-Jae, Kim Hye-su 
Genre : Action
Synopsis :     
Popeye and his group of thieves go to Macau on a job. But the mastermind behind this job is none other than Popeye's old partner Macau Park, who escaped with 68 kg of gold several years ago on their last job together. Macau Park’s plan turns unexpected when Popeye brings Pepsi to settle the old score. The thieves' target is a $20 million diamond known as 'Tear of the Sun', kept safely away in a casino, brought there to be sold by a notorious Chinese fence. Everybody on a mission is full of secret, but who will succeed and live to see another day?
Awards :
2012 (4th) KOFRA Film Awards Ceremony - Best Supporting Actress
2012 (33rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Technical Award, Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Movie
2012 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards - Best Cinematography
2012 (49th) Daejong Film Awards - Best Supporting Actress

Title : The Grand Heist (바람과 함께 사라지다)
Year : 2012
Director: Kim Joo-Ho
Casts: Cha Tae-Hyun, Oh Ji-Ho 
Genre : Action
Jae-hyuk is an ordinary man in his 40s. He works as a medical supplies salesman and is hassled by doctors all day. His brother Jae-pil is a detective whom is not interested in public service. An epidemic where people drown themselves into the river has caused panic effect around the country. The government declares a state of emergency. Jae-pil joins the massive investigation and realizes that there is a conspiracy behind the outbreak. Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk's wife and children are showing the same symptoms as victims, leading him to a frantic search for medicine. Through Jae-pil, he learns of a warehouse containing a potential cure and heads there with no idea of what he's heading into.

Nomination :
2012 Grand Bell Awards, South Korea - Nominated for Best New Director

Closing Film :

Title : Miracle in Cell No.7 (7번방의 선물) 
Year : 2012
Director: Lee Hwan-Kyung 
Casts: Ryu Seung-Ryong, Park Shin-Hye
Genre : Drama
Synopsis :
Lee Yong-gu is a mentally challenged man with an intelligence of a 6 year-old, which is actually the age of his own daughter Yesung who is much smarter than her peers. The two of them lead a happy life on their own while Yong-gu makes a living by working as a parking attendant at a local supermarket. But one day, when the police commissioner’s young daughter dies in a strange accident, Yong-gu who happens to find her is falsely accused and sentenced to death for abduction, sexual assault and murder of a minor. Yesung is sent to a childcare institution and Yong-gu gets imprisoned and assigned to Cell No.7. One day, he saves his fellow cellmate, an influential figure in the prison, from an attack by his rival. In return for saving his life, Yong-gu is granted a wish: to see his daughter Yesung again. The inmates put their heads together to carry out a daring operation and miraculously succeed in sneaking Yesung into Cell No.7 during a religious event. After a while, the prisons guard detected Yesung presence and sent her back, but during the time the inmates as well as the prison guards come to realize that Yong-gu was falsely charged. And they all put their heads together to prepare him for his final trial.

Nomination :
2013 Baek Sang Awards - Nominated of Best Actor, Best Film, Best New Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress

Reported by : Maria Margareta
Korean Film Festival 2013 Press Conference Photo Credits : Photo by MM, Korean Cultural Center Indonesia

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