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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Korean Traditional Dance Workshop with Eunju SHIN

This is my first experience involved in Korean Traditional Dance Workshop. Held in Korean Cultural Center on June 1st, 2013 with Eunju SHIN as a tutor, we practiced how to dance some of Korean traditional dance such as Ganggang suwollae and a dance with a fan.

Principally, Korean dance has dynamic moving which is using mostly part of the body especially hand and foot movements. Based on my experience (I tried some part of the dance on this workshop) and also my observation on this workshop, it needs time to learn Korean dance, it looks easy but difficult to learn. Also, in my opinion, Korean dance can be as part of meditation, the mind's spirit and has deeply meaning with thousands of philosophy.

Korean dance formed on the background of traditional rituals and folkways. It developed from the rise and fall of Buyeo and the confederation of Goguryeo. The dance, performed during rituals, played a significant role in the mutual harmonization between tribes in order to preserve regional stability. This also has been one of the important factors that developed Korean culture and arts. Korean people used to put more priority on integrity than strength, and such concepts have been revealed in dance as well. Generally, Korean dance can be devided into two types. They are court dance and folk dance.

It was such an honored to get closer with Eunju SHIN, a professional dancer and choreographer and a licensed dancer of Taepyeong Mu, Korea's Intangible Cultural Treasure No. 92. Taepyeongmu is a dance performed to pray for a country's peace and prosperity, usually performed by the king and queen.That's why the dancers are using the king's and queen's traditional clothing. The origin of this dance is not clear but has been known, it has been played since one hundred years ago. It has delicate and elegant movements which is the origin come from the shaman dance.
This dance categorized as a difficult type and it takes three months to learn the rhythmic patterns.

신은주 Eunju SHIN profiles :
- Managing Director, Shin Eunju Dance Company
- Licensed Dancer of Taepyeong Mu, Korea’s Intangible Cultural Treasure No. 92?
- Member of Research, the Research Center of Korean Esthetics
- Member, the Korean Dance Research Association
- Permanent Choreographer-in-Chief of Baegimsae Dance Troupe
- Instructor at Ulsan High School of Arts, Korea
- Untenured Professor at Kyungsung University, Korea

Photos by MM (Korean Cultural Center Indonesia)

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