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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Traditional and Contemporary Korean Dance on Korea Festival in ASEAN

Held in Jakarta on June 3rd, 2013, represented of Eun-ju SHIN (a lisenced dancer of Taepyeong Mu and Yansanhak-chum, Korea’s Intangible Cultural Treasure No. 92), together with Eun-ju SHIN Dance Company also a unique concept of dancing from EDx2 Dance Company.

a combination between traditional and contemporary dance, made last night was great! Each performances had their own characteristic and run dinamically.
I felt that I'm in a roller coster. Up and down mood while watching the performance. Also I asked myself, couriously. "What happen next ?", I did not get bored from starting until the end.

On this performance, I watched four dances from Eun-ju SHIN and Eun-ju SHIN Dance Company. The first dance titled Sang. While the dance portrays the intuitive images of people and nature as they seek to gain harmony.

"Sang", Photo by MM (Korean Cultural Center Indonesia)

Majigut Dance
Is a shaman ritual that has been practised since ancient times. Majigul is the most important to all shamans because it is held only in one year or every three years for the spirits and believers.

Photo by MM (Korean Cultural Center Indonesia)

Heoteun Bukchum (Unconventional Drum Dance) and Sin Busan Deotbaagegishum (New Busan Regional Dance).

Sin Busan Deotbaagegishum is a folk dance, features wide and expansive movements along with inner tension and passion. It is intended to ward off evil spirits for protection of people.

The other group is EDx2 Dance Company. In my opinion, they have unique concepts of dancing. With two kinds of themes, "Modern Feeling" and "What We've Lost", this group is mixing all aspects of dancing including ballet, contemporary dance, acrobatics, drama, mime and humor with dinamic movement, looked very contrast from another performer. But still blending into one packaging of performance.

Photo by MM (Korean Cultural Center Indonesia)

Photo by MM (Korean Cultural Center Indonesia)

You can see their teaser and performance in year 2012 on this videos below :

Video Credits : EDx2dancecompany

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