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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hangang, Exploring The River Like The Ocean

Han River is not just as a river. In Korea it is part of Seoul the capital city of South Korea and as a part of Korean history from prehistoric time until now. In modern times, now HanRiver or we can say Hangang is one of major tourism spot in Seoul.

Many ways to enjoy and exploring this river especially in summer, let me find some highlights of activities and tourism spots around this river, one of them is cruising along the river by boat at night. When I came to Korea two years ago, I went to Hangang Park on the daylight but never found any activities beside cyling or walking besides the river but no water activities.
But now people also can exploring this river in daylight. This year Seoul Marina has been opened since last April, and it has many boats in various price and size even special packages that can be chosen by the customer. From a single rider to boat for eight persons even for more than 20 people are available, with budgets around 15,000 KRW for a small boat to 600,000 KRW for a bigger one, people can cruising along the river. There are some packages that offering for this program and one of them is mariage proposing on the boat, hmm I think it's very romantic.

Please check the Seoul Marina Website : for more info.

Picture Credit : Seoul Marina Club and Yacht

Another activities that can be doing near Han River during the summer is camping. There are camping park can be visited to spend the summer. Located at Hangang Park near the Sangam World Cup Stadium, it has good facilites for walking, cyling, or doing sports.

Address :  481, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul(in the Nanji District of Hangang Park)
Directions :
Facilities : Community Kitchen & Kitchen table; Shower booths, Shade, Outdoor Tables, Convenient Store etc.
Rental : Tents. Blankets, Mattresses, Lanterns etc.

Website : (Korean) (English)

If you just want to enjoy Han River and not cruising, there is a great info to spend your time on this river.
Starting on July 20th, 2013 there is Riverside Film Festival, some of movies will be screened every Friday at six locations along the river. They are Banpo, Cheongdam, Dongjak, Hannam, Banghwa and Yanghwa. The movie screening is free of admission.

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