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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lee Sung Dang Bakery Gunsan City

My first experience of trying Korean local bakery in Korea!. Located in a peaceful atmosphere city named Gunsan, which is as a part of Jeollabuk-do province.

Photo Credit : Mashy on Naver Blog
The store is not big, but if you get into the store you will find various kinds of tempting breads, cakes and many more.You will never regret because the taste is very great, and the best I have ever tried.
Don't forget to try patbingsu at this bakery, and you will surprised because of the size :) It is really big patbingsu :) I suggest to share with your friend. One patbingsu for two person that would be great lol.
The favorite thing of this bakery is 단팥빵 danpatppang which is a bread filled with red bean paste. Besides of the great taste and quality from the products, Lee Sung Dang Bakery very well known from the history. It is the oldest bakery in Korea, and has been opened since year 1945.
I did not take any pictures in the bakery, because I just enjoyed of big portion of patbingsu I had lol. But this place is highly recommended to be visitied in Korea.

Address : 12-2, Jungangno 1(il)-ga, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do

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