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Monday, August 5, 2013

Dasik 다식 a Korean Cookie

다식 Dasik is a variety of Korean traditional snack which is made from mashed of roasted grain flour,
traditional medicinal herbs, flower powder and honey. Dasik are most have three colors, red, green and yellow which are a part of five basic colors. a dough is put into a dasik mold called dasikpan which is made from lime trees and pressed into a mold.
The utensils of making Korean food is as important as the food itself. For dasikpan also have meaningful pattern of health, good fortune, longevity, crafted in Chinese pattern, or some ornaments such as floral, geometrical patterns. It has 30-60 cm length with 5-6 width and 2-3 cm thickness.
Dasik usually served together with tea and usually served in wedding ceremony or another ritual ceremonies.

Photo Credit :
Photo Credit : Maria Margareta

Various type of Dasik :
흑임자다식 Heukimja dasik : a dasik made from black sessame seeds.
콩다식 Kong dasik : a dasik made from beans.
송화다식 Songhwa dasik : a dasik made from pollen powder.
밤다식 Bam dasik : a dasik made from chestnut.
진말다식 Jinmal dasik : a dasik made from wheat flower and honey.
녹말다식 Nongmal dasik : a dasik made from starch.
쌀다식 Ssal dasik : a dasik made from rice flour.

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