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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Get Closer to Your Beloved Idol

Many ways has been set to make an idol get closer with the fans. a common way is through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs or Youtube. We can get any updates of our beloved idol on daily activities, current projects or even just posting some old photos.

Just today I  found a new unique way from Korean artist, Song Seung Heon, to get closer to his fans, by creating a mobile application for Androids. It contains, of his activity update or even we can check a position of our idol. In my experience, this is the first time I've found this kind of application. I'm not really sure if there is another artist who's already released the same application like this before him, but I think it's quite a good idea.

So I tried to download it on my mobile phone, the application is not familiar for me yet, that's why I have to learn more how far is the application working ^^


Link info : Song Seung Heon Honey Side or download url :
Website :

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