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Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Korea" in Korea

an unique natural scene in Gangwondo Eastern part of Korean peninsula named 영월 청령포 Cheongnyeongpo.

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It is surrounded by a water in a three side and a high rock cliff at the back side. It is a placed of
King Danjong the grandson of King Sejong the Great was exiled and murdered by his uncle.

This place has some remains to see Danjong’s traces including Geumpyobi Stone (monument to prohibit the access of common people to the holy spot where King Danjong was exiled), Danmyoyujibi (monument to indicate the location and existence of King Danjong's place of residence, Danjongeoso), Manghyangtob (a stone tower piled by King Danjong missing his Queen Jeongsunwanghu in Hanyang), Nosandae (the peak King Danjong fell in deep agony looking toward Hanyang, the capital city of the Joseon Kingdom) and Gwaneumsong (pine tree).

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This place only can be reached by a boat but has a great natural view, even we can see a Korean peninsula's
shape on this place.

Inquiries: 1577-0545 (Yeongwol Information Call Center), +82-33-374-4215 (Yeongwol Tourist Information Center)

Take the bus to Yeongwol from Central City Bus Terminal . The bus operates 4 times from 07:00 to 19:00 daily .

At Yeongwol Terminal take the bus headed for Cheongnyeongpo (청령포). It takes about 10 minutes or 5 minutes by taxi.

Video credits :
FPV - Korean Beautiful Places #5(영월2/2) by AlexGMsong
청령포에 흐르는 눈물. 장릉 by Royalpalace Kim

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