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Monday, August 5, 2013

Korea Tourism : 선유도 Seonyudo The Perfect Summer Gateaway in Korea

Going a peaceful summer gateaway to the west side of Korean peninsula. Seonyudo, a small island located in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do offers us a nice vacation with a little bit eco tourism adventure in Korea.

Seagulls are are flying around the ferry. Photo Credit : Maria Margareta

Seonyudo. Photo Credit : Maria Margareta

The island is very small. We can go around the island with bicycle or using a small open space car. Trekking and fishing are some most activities that we can do in Seonyudo. It is also some small islands surrounding this island and I think it's a prefect way to do photography activities such as take captures of  sunset or capturing some activities in the morning.Although this island is very small, but it is very clean and also has good facilites including convenience logding that's why sometimes I felt that I didn't spend my time in a small island ^^

a sprider of Seonyudo, a permanent resident of this island ^^. Photo Credit : Maria Margareta

Nice small store in the island. They have delicious soup that you must try. Photo Credit : Maria Margareta
Doing eco tourism in Korea ? I think this place is perfect. This island can be reached by a ferry and I really enjoyed the view of seaguls flying around the ferry.

Photo Credit : Maria Margareta
a view of west sea of Korea from a ferry. Photo Credit : Maria Margareta

a ferry that took us from Seonyudo back to Gunsan. Photo Credit : Maria Margareta

Directions :

From Gunsan Station or Gunsan Bus Terminal, take Bus 7. (1 hour intervals)
Get off at Gunsan Coastal Ferry Terminal (연안여객터미널).

From the ferry terminal, take a ferry to Seonyudo Island.
Ferry schedule: departs 6-7 times a day (13-14 times during the peak summer season)

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