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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Korean Cuisine : Various Type of Rice (밥)

Rice plays an important role and is a part of the main item in Korean cuisine. There are various of rice (밥) that we have in Korea :

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Bab 밥 is steamed white rice that usually consumed by Korean people. It is accompanied with another main dishes. Bab's type such as rice,barley, etc.

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Gulbab (Oyster Steamed Rice) 굴밥
It is steamed rice added together with soysauce and oyster.

Yeongyang Doldotbab 영양 돌솥 밥 
It is steamed rice cooked in a stone pot and put together with jujubes, ginseng and chestnuts. It is one of healthy Korean food because it has many nutritious ingredients on it.

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Kongnamulbab 공나물 밥
It is steamed white rice cooked together with soybean sprouts and ground beef. It is also a nutritious Korean food because it has a lot of vitamin C.
There is another type of Kongnamul called Kongnamul Gukbab which is originated from Jeonju.

Ogokbap 오곡밥
Ogokbab is a mix of glutinous rice, red beans and black beans also another types of beans (usually contains of 5 types of beans) then cook together. It is usually served in the first full moon of the year (jeongwol daeboreum) on a lunar year as a celebration food. Instead of that, it is also a nutritious food.

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Bibimbap 비빔밥
The most popular Korean dishes that's spread around the world. Everybody knows about this dishes and very popular to be captured on 
Korean Drama. 
Bibimbap easily can be served anytime, just mixed rice with vegetables, meat and egg together with Korean chili peper paste called gochujang.
It is can be served either cold or hot. The most popular bibimbap comes from Jeonju. 

Kimbab is a popular Korean dish with white rice rolled with vegetables and meat (if necessary). Kimbab also very popular outsite Korea.

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