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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Korean Drama Time Machine

Interested of genre themes of Korean drama, today, so I would like to write about this topic ^^
Since Winter Sonata, Full House and Boys Before Flowers had been screened on TV and spreading to the world, Korean drama has been improved rapidly, especially in story themes and technology.

Based on my observation, Now there are various kinds of themes and drama genres in Korean Drama comparing with ten years ago, which is melodrama or drama were dominated on the TV screens.
But now, romantic comedy, fantasy, historical drama, horror even thriller themes often showed up in KDrama. Of those various themes in Korean drama in period year 2003 to 2013, I found time-travel themes from the ancient times to the present that has been showed up in the drama. Uniquely all of the dramas were aired on TV in year 2012. Can year 2012 be called as a "time machine" year for KDrama ?

Here are some KDramas that have been listed with the following details :

Rooftop Prince 옥탑방 왕세자

Time-travel theme between Joseon Dynasty to the present.

Aired from March 21 to May 24, 2012 this drama tells about a Joseon crown prince named  Prince Lee Gak finds himself time travelling 300 years into the future and confronts considerable challenges as he adapts to the 21st century. When Crown Prince Lee Gak is transported 300 years into the future to present day Seoul along with his three retainers, they believe that it is their duty to solve the murder case of the Crown Princess in order to return to Joseon. They land in the rooftop apartment of Park Ha, a cheerful woman in her mid-20s, who eventually believes the odd quartet's predicament and becomes their guardian.


As Park Ha educates the four on life in the 21st century, Lee Gak comes across Hong Se Na, who seems to be the reincarnation of his wife. Taking on the identity of Yong Tae Yong, Lee Gak slowly begins to unravel the murder of Yong Tae Yong and in turn moves closer to solving the murder case of the Crown Princess.
As he finds himself in love with Park Ha, he figures that maybe the Crown Princess was not so perfect after all.

Queen Inhyun’s Man 인현왕후의

Time-travel theme between Joseon Dynasty to the present.

Drama story :
Kim Boong Do is a scholar who had supported the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun when Jang heebin's schemes resulted in her being deposed and replaced as King Sukjong's queen consort.

With the help of a spell when he is in going to be killed in a fight he travels 300 years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin, a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama. She helps him to know about the history of his time and change some events. After that they start to develop feelings for each other.
This drama was aired in April 18 to June 7, 2012

Time Slip Dr. Jin 닥터 진

Time-travel theme between Joseon Dynasty to the present.

Adapted from the Japanese manga, this drama tells about a genius neurosurgeon with a cold and severe attitude in his interactions with other people due to his personal pursuit of perfection. Through a mysterious power, Jin Hyuk finds himself transported back in time 150 years.

He begins treating people there, but the lack of necessary implements and rudimentary medical knowledge of the period forces him to seek new ways to aid the sick. Through this challenging process, Jin Hyuk eventually becomes a genuine doctor. Due to the original source, Edo's period was changed to the Joseon Dynasty.
This drama was aired on television in 2012 May 26 to Aug 12.

Faith the great doctor 신의

Time-travel theme between Goryeo Period to the present.

Aired in August 13, 2012 - October 30, 2012, this drama story is telling about a plastic surgeon who lives in the present and is kidnapped by travelling back to 700 years in the past while in the Goryeo period. On that time, she meets and falls in love with a warrior who is the leader of the royal guard.

Drama Awards  :
2012 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actress: Kim Hee-sun

2012 SBS Drama Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries: Lee Min-ho
Top 10 Stars: Lee Min-ho
New Star Award: Park Se-young

Mostly Kdramas above took Joseon period as a historical background. Hoping someday there will be a time machine from Silla or Goguryeo's period. So which one of four time machines above is your favorite ? ^^

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