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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Koreana Website

I'm very surprised of finding this website coincidently especially this website is available in my mother language on their language contents.
Koreana is quaterly magazine issed by Korea Foundation. It has been issued since year 1987 and getting focused to introduce about Korea especially in Korean culture and art. It has been distributed in more than 160 countries in eight languages including Indonesian.

Koreana website in English :

Koreaana website in Bahasa Indonesia :

It is proposed to spread about Korean culture to everybody. Besides available in hardcopy, this magazine also has a website so that people can still access everywhere.
I think this website is good for everyone who want to know more about Korean culture and art especially they provide various of languages on the website. Should I say, it is a language friendly website ? I think it is worth. Keep up the good work.

Please check on this link below :
English :
Bahasa Indonesia :

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