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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Learning Korean with Fun

I found some videos related of learning Korean with fun. I think this is good for beginners. Suggestions for those who interested to learn Korean, you still have to learn through books.

Have fun learning Korean! ^^

Pit-A-Pat Korean | 두근두근 한국어 (KBS) Part 2.

Photo Credit : KBS World

This links are discussing about Korean words and basic grammar that usually use in daily life. Samples also taken from Kdrama or TV shows so that people will understand easily. You can check those of videos below.
Note : basic grammar knowledge is required.


Photo Credit : LOEN MUSIC (로엔뮤직)

Those videos explain about some popular words that usually using between young people and sometimes come up in Korean Drama. Before learning this, I suggest you to learn basic grammar first so that you can use those words in a proper way.

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