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Monday, August 5, 2013

Seoul Metro Subway Single Journey Ticket

Travelling in Seoul is very convenient. It 's proved while we using a subway, we can go everywhere we want easily. Besides faster, subway also has English words for the direction. We are not affraid to get lost because all of the facilities are available to support your trip.

Photo Credit : Maria Margareta

Here are some steps to go travelling in Seoul by using a subway :

1. Find the card reloading station in front of the ticket booth.
2. On the touch screen, choose the orange button that written "single journey"
3. Choose the destination by clicking one of the major destinations displayed on the screen or by clicking the first letter of the destination station.
4. Select the number of tickets, you need.

5. When the total amount including the 500 won refundable deposit comes up on the screen, press "confirm"
6. Pay the fare, put the money inside the machine and the ticket will be issued.
7. Pick up the card.
8. After arriving at the destination station, go to the deposit refund machine.
9. Insert the card and you will get back the 500 won refund.

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