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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ulsan Folk Cuisine

East sea raw fish slice / Jeongja snow crab
The fresh-caught fish from the East Sea are quite the delicacy, especially when
eaten on site. Jeongja Beach and Jujeon Beach offer great places to try a variety
of fresh seafood. Try some snow crab at a moderate price during winter, when Jeongja
snow crabs are most abundant.

Sanchae Bibimbap of Seongnamsa Temple
Made from a variety of mountain vegetables such as bracken, ballon flower, and
and aster fatarious among other ingredients Sanchae Bibimbap, a food that promotes
wellness, is the most popular menu item in the Seongnamsa area.

Eonyang Bonggye Bulgogi
The fresh hanwoo Korean beef raised in unspoiled areas just areas just melts in your mouth.
The meat itself tastes so good that there is no other seasoning required. Simply
roast the meat over a charcoal tire or an elvan and sprinkle it with a little salt to enjoy
the imcomparable taste.

Source : Ulsan Metropolitan City

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