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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Song That Korean People Always Sing on Seollal

It's a nice time for me, to writing again on my blog. As we know, today is a Lunar New Year, for this year, Lunar New Year is celebrated at 31st of January 2014.
Korean basically follows Lunar calendar eventhough they are also following Solar calendar. Especially some traditional day, Korean people still follow a lunar calendar. If we are talking about Lunar New Year, in Korea usually called as Seollal, and one of the most important day in Korea. People who still have parents or relatives are to going to see their parents and elders, and also held family gathering.
I think my explanation about Seollal that stated above is enough. I'm not gonna talk about the Seollal itself. But I'm interesting about the Seollal song. 까치까치 설날은 (romanized as kka-chi-kka-chi seol-nal-eun).
Have you heard about this song ? Ok let's check it below.

So how about the song ? it's interesting, isn't it ?
So let's check the song lyrics below :

까치까치 설날-은 어저께-고-요
kka-chi-kka-chi seol-nal-eun eo-jeo-kke-go-yo

우리우리 설날-은 오늘이래요
u-li-u-li seol-nal-eun o-neul-i-lae-yo-

곱고 고운 댕기-도 내가 드-리-고
gob-go go-un daeng-gi-do nae-ga deu-li-go

새로 사온 신발-도 내가 신-어-요
sae-lo sa-on sin-bal-do nae-ga sin-eo-yo

It's some parts of the song. So do you know about kkachi ?
Kkachi is a Korean national bird and designated in year 1964, it is a magpie. Kkachi usually appears in Korea legends from the ancient times. Kkachi is believed, can bring some good news, forecast the weather and healing illness. The relation with the song that we have discussed above, that will be fortunate if someone hear kkachi's song on a new year's day morning. Kkachi is a lucky bird, isn't it ? also I'm so lucky that I have seen this bird flying around Gyeongbok Palace ^^

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Happy Seollal, Everyone! ^^

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